Sex In Virtual Reality

Sex in virtual reality is one of the most anticipated aspects of this amazing technology, with new advancements now bringing the world of porn to household living rooms. As gaming and adult entertainment are industries with highly dominated male consumers, it makes sense that a blend of the two would already be proving successful. However, sex in virtual reality isn’t just for men.

Often thought of as something so futuristic, the idea that you could experience sexual encounters in virtual reality is now very real and happening all across the globe. With a few different options, users can choose their level of involvement and how lost they become in the world of VR sex.

VR Sex With Glasses

The most popular way to enjoy virtual reality sex is with any number of videos currently available online. Simply plug in your preferred VR glasses to your computer or smartphone and enjoy a 360-degree first-person view of sexual encounters.

Many porn sites now host a range of these videos, including the popular PornHub. In a recent discussion on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything section, employees from this website suggested that although these videos were proving popular, it would be a long time before virtual reality porn replaced the 2D version for their viewers.

The Sex Suit

Not satisfied with the visual aspect alone, VR porn creators have now begun teaming up with teledildonics companies to create an experience that involves sight, sound, and touch.

Teledildonics themselves have enjoyed great success as a relatively new technology, involving communicating over a data link to provide users with real-time sensations. This technology can be used between real life participants or with a robotic partner with the use of devices that emulate male and female anatomy.

Full Body Sex Suit

Where VR porn has incorporated this know-how is by combining the visual aspects of the encounter and matching them with sensations and contractions created by teledildonics. The result is a more lifelike experience that allows the user to receive pleasure from the device.

The sex suit is one of the biggest advancements so far, giving users a full body experience. However, there are other options including an attachment for men or women that stimulate the main pleasure centres and sexual organs.

What This Means for the Sex Industry

According to research, porn websites account for over 37% of websites on the internet. With such a saturated market, it makes sense that virtual reality technologies would begin to target this area.

As entertainmentt and gaming make up the most popular forms of virtual reality, there’s no reason why the sex industry couldn’t be the third largest and possibly overtake these other areas one day.

Virtual Reality Intime

As technologies improve, the possibilities will become even larger for VR porn and could extend into the personal sphere. Willing participants will be able to come together in a virtual world to enjoy sexual encounters with others from anywhere on earth, complete with sight, sound, and touch.

The Possible Implications

As with any new technology as groundbreaking as this, there is the need to address the possible implications of virtual reality sex.

As the long-term effects of virtual reality are yet to be known, there’s no telling the kind of impact that something as personal as sex could have in the virtual world. Along with some known short-term side effects such as dizziness or hand-eye coordination problems, VR sex could have serious impacts on brains and behaviours in the long term.

Using virtual reality in place of real life experiences could also lead to social issues as the technology is created solely for entertainment purposes. If the technology becomes as big of a success as promised, teenagers may rely completely on this type of device for all of their romantic and sexual encounters. Eventually, we may find ourselves with a generation of youths who never experienced a real first date.

Futuristic VR Love

However, there is an upside as well. By allowing people to join together from anywhere on earth and experience a virtual world together we can assist in long-term relationships, intercontinental encounters, and even bring together those at war in foreign countries at home with their loved ones in virtual situations.

One thing is for sure, though, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg with virtual reality sex as teledildonics and VR developers continue to improve on the currently crude technology. The world of sex and dating may look very different for our future generations, for better or worse.