D-Scope Pro Google Cardboard Kit

The original and the best, this D-Scope Pro Google Cardboard Kit is the ultimate viewing experience for all of your virtual reality needs. Created by a trusted brand in electronics, you can be sure you’re purchasing a quality product that is both affordable and durable.

Contained in this Google Cardboard Kit is a pair of 3D VR glasses, lenses, magnets, and more. This device works well with almost any smartphone, including iPhone, Galaxy, Moto x, Nexus, and HTC One. With access to over 300 games and assorted VR apps, this device provides hours of entertainment for a small price tag.

Affordable and Effective

Although there are many other competitors, Google Cardboard is still the original and the best of the affordable virtual reality viewers making for a precise and crisp image, robust frame, and simple construction. This device offers a truly engrossing virtual experience with biconvex lenses that offer 45 mm focal length, allowing for cinematic HD visuals.

D-Scope Pro Google Cardboard Kit Used By An Adult

This kit contains QR codes for users that allow them to instantly access a range of virtual reality experiences available, including scenic tours and 3D games. This Google Cardboard set by D-Scope Pro is machine printed, so it’s a lot tougher than other models.


• You can immediately the feel the durability of this product as it’s a machine printed type, unlike other Google Cardboard variations which can be weak and flimsy.
• This is one of the cheapest options available for virtual reality viewers, modelled with Google Cardboard designs but at almost half the price of others.


• Although advertised as suitable for most phones, this device can’t fit the iPhone 6+ so it isn’t as universal as other makes.
• Users aren’t able to wear their glasses while using the D-Scope Pro Google Cardboard, so if you have vision problems this wouldn’t be the ideal choice for you.


Although there are many Google Cardboard kits available online, none come in at this low price for such a durable frame. Built from thick cardboard, this device is surprisingly robust and seems that it will last for many years.

D-Scope Pro Google Cardboard Kit Lenses
If you wear spectacles as part of everyday life, these won’t fit while using the Google Cardboard kit, so there are some limitations. However, all other users should find them extremely comfortable and easy to wear for hours on end.

For a well-priced and effective virtual reality viewer, buy the D-Scope Pro Google Cardboard here.One major downfall was the inability to fit the iPhone 6+, which many people now own. As this is the newer model of iPhone it’s likely that future ones will be larger than this so not suitable for the D-Scope Pro. However, it did snugly fit most other Android and iPhone types.

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